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The Great Western Lego Show

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When's the next one?

The next Big Geek Day Out is being held on Saturday 1st October 2011 from 11:00am at STEAM, the Museum of The Great Western Railway, in Swindon.

We'll be there to look at lots of wonderful Lego at The Great Western LEGO Show - the largest display of models built by LEGO fans in the UK. If you like Lego, it'll be awesome fun.

Tickets cost £10.00 on the door for adults, or £8.50 for children or concessions. More info is available at the Great Western Lego Show website.

The Museum of The Great Western Railway is on the main London Paddington to Bristol line, so there should be no excuses for anyone not being able to get there. If you come by train, apparently you'll even get 20% off entry to the museum.

Who's coming?



What is a Big Geek Day Out?

Big Geek Days Out are "unEvents" - one person organises a time and place for people to meet and that's it. Everything else is done by the people coming to the event.

The idea is that there are plenty of places that we'd like to go to, but for whatever reason never get round to visiting. By someone saying "we're going there on this date" it becomes much more likely that you'll actually get off your bum and visit.

So, that's what happens. The organiser says where and when to meet, and you (as someone who's attending) deal with getting there and buying any tickets needed to get into the place we're visiting. When we went to Alton Towers a few years ago, people organised car shares to get themselves there and sourced buy-one-get-one-free tickets for each other. When we went to Bletchley Park, the boffins there got wind of our scheme and organised a full day of events for us!

Of course, whilst the event isn't classically organised it's still good to know who's going to be coming. If you are going to come along, please add yourself to the event on Lanyrd.

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